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The Miracle of Suffering
สำนักพิมพ์ ปราณ พับลิชชิ่ง
หมวด ศาสนาและปรัชญา
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เนื้อหาอีบุ๊ค (อย่างย่อ)

This book offer the secret of eliminating suffer, how to handle seriousness, learn to live happily and realize that all suffers are actually have happiness hidden inside. Where the suffer lies, there?s the happiness. All suffers can be transform to ?motivation? to allow you to meet with the great happiness at last. If you want a life that is manageable, try downsizing your life to the basic necessities. Ask yourself what is really necessary. Get rid of whatever is excessive. When you find your life manageable, you will have more time left to enjoy and your mind will be lighter and freer. Suffer is like orange cover. Happiness is like orange flesh. If you are suffering, smile and tell yourself that happiness is coming and I will peel it off and find the happiness inside.